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DigitLAB for AutoCADŽ 2006

  • Tool based on geometry computacional for the surface reconstruction from flat levels of sampled points.
  • A new version of DigitLAB has been developed in CAD-FixGrid during 2005. DigitLAB for AutoCADŽ 2006 is fully compatible with the most recent version of AutoCADŽ.
  • The New Features and Tools developed in CAD-FixGrid during 2005 are also operative with AutoCADŽ 2006.
  • DigitLAB for AutoCAD R14.01 is the standard version of DigitLAB, developed by the members of CAD/CAM/CAE Laboratory.

New Features and Tools
in Current Version.

  • Surface reconstruction from planar samples: This tool was designed to make possible the reconstruction of surfaces from planar samples.
  • Body Triangulation: This tool was designed to obtain triangulations of double curvature 2-manifolds in R3.
  • Export Facets to VRML: This tool was designed to export a set of triangular facets from AutoCADŽ to a Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) file
  • Marching Cubes: his tool was designed to obtain a reconstruction of a surface from the information provided by a scalar field, using the marching cubes technique.
  • PCA for Curve Reconstruction: This tool performs planar 1-manifold reconstruction from a noisy set of unorganized coplanar points in R3, using an iterative PCA-based (Principal Components Analysis) technique.
  • Virtual Range Pictures: This tool performs a virtual optical digitization of the surface of a 3D object, by taking virtual range pictures of such object.
  • Extract BRep Structure of VRML: This tool was designed to extract the BRep (Boundary Representation) structure of a VRML.